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You may have excellent water pressure in the area where you live. Unfortunately you’re not benefiting because your existing pipework is, basically, too old to cope.

The water pressure in the mains network is prone to change, sometimes from hour to hour, depending on the amount of use across the network at any particular time. However, the maximum amount of water your own supply pipe can carry may be affected by the pipe’s diameter.

This is when a replacement water main may be a serious consideration.


Modern Boiler Requirements

Modern combi boilers require a minimum level of water pressure to work. Conventional boilers can run on as little as 0.5 bar pressure, but combi boilers typically require more to run effectively, at least 1 bar.

With the reduced diameter of older pipework, sometimes made more acute by deterioration of the pipes, combi boilers may find it difficult to run at their designated peak of efficiency.

For example, you might find only one tap can run hot water at any time, or that if you run cold water taps at the same time as hot water, they run to a reduced pressure.

Bearing in mind that water pressure is variable throughout the day, if it looks like you have a persistent problem, then you should think about a replacement water main.


How Big a Job is It?

Water mains replacement may bring up nightmare visions of large-scale excavations disfiguring your property and garden, but in fact modern techniques and technology mean that we can do the work while minimising disruption and disturbance to you.

At Pipeline Services we use a process known as impact moling. A mole is a small, pneumatic device which enables us to perform a contained excavation through a number of drilled boreholes.

Compared to traditional trench excavation for replacing a water main, it’s fast and cost effective in terms of labour and resources.

Which is to say that you shouldn’t let the anticipation of the work put you off arranging for it to be done. You’ll be surprised how quick and painless it is.

And the legacy to you, is a water supply that can match the capability of your combi boiler, delivering a safe supply at a pressure that will meet the demands of your household.


Don’t put up with substandard water pressure from old pipes – contact us today and let us sort out your supply.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re competing for water pressure? Sometimes in homes there’s a sense that there’s not enough water pressure to go around. If you try and run more than one tap at a time and all you get is a trickle, then it can feel frustrating. You may have tried turning the stop-tap but with no noticeable improvement, but have you thought about whether you could do with lead pipe replacement?


How Old is Your Supply Pipe?

Older supply pipes may be made of lead, and may also have a narrow diameter. They can also suffer from deterioration. All these can be contributing factors in restricting your water flow. You only become aware of how dependent you are on the convenience of your utilities when they don’t function as well as you think they should. You should, however, keep it in mind the fact that you do have options.

The supply pipe on your property is your responsibility, but this means you can decide to take action for yourself to improve your water supply. First check to see if you’ve got lead pipework – the supply pipe running to your kitchen sink may be a dull appearance, and feel soft to the touch, and if you scrape its surface you’ll see a shiny, metallic under layer.

What’s the Next Step?

Give us a call. You’d be surprised at how efficient modern lead pipe replacement is. We won’t be turning your property into a major excavation site, because we use modern trenchless technology to replace your pipework.

Essentially we drill boreholes at key points. Once we’ve done this, we can use the holes as access points for pulling through replacement pipes and securing them in place.


Instead of old, lead pipework, you’ll have state-of-the-art, medium-density polyethylene (MDPE). More importantly, you shouldn’t have the same issues with your water pressure, so no more competing taps.

An academic study has linked rising murder rates with the use of lead water supply pipes in certain American cities. While the effects of lead contamination through the water supply have been largely diminished in the UK since 1970, this does suggest that eliminating lead pipework altogether with replacement water pipes would be a good thing.

What are the Effects of Lead Contamination?

The most vulnerable people to the effects of lead in drinking water are
children and pregnant women. With children, if the level of lead in their bloodstream is above a certain level they can suffer from behaviour and learning problems, hyperactivity and a lower IQ, slowed growth, anaemia, and even hearing problems.

For pregnant women, the effects can be reduced foetal growth and possibly premature birth.

The symptoms of lead poisoning include loss of appetite, headaches, abdominal pain, headaches, and tiredness.

What Action Should You Take?

Firstly, check to see if you have lead pipework. Generally the pipes leading to the kitchen tap, either beneath or behind the kitchen sink, are a good indicator. If the pipes are a dull grey colour, or if they feel soft, so that you can scrape at the surface with a knife, leaving a silvery underlayer, then they are made of lead.

If you’re not sure, don’t leave it to chance: contact Pipeline Services and we’ll check for you.

When we visit, we’ll assess the condition and consistency of your pipework and, should it need replacing, perform a full risk assessment.

What Happens Next?

With the technology we currently have, we can complete the task of providing replacement water pipes without disruptive excavations. Trenchless technology involves us drilling strategically positioned boreholes. Once these are in position, we can pull your replacement pipework into position.

Obviously this minimises disruption to your property, but it is also extremely cost-effective in terms of time and manpower.

Your replacement water pipes will be made from medium-density polyethylene (MDPE). This is a tried and tested, durable material, which will ensure your water supply is reliable and, most importantly, safe.

If you’ve got any doubts about your current water supply or pipework, contact Pipeline Services today. We’re friendly, approachable, and we’ll give you a very clear picture about your pipework.

You can let certain things slip, or simply live with them for a certain amount of time; but when it comes to your water supply, there’s only so much you and your family can, or should, have to put up with. It’s important to know that when it’s time for your home’s water mains replacement, how the job is done will make all the difference to you.

When Do You Need Water Main Replacement?

Have you got persistently low water pressure? Do the pipes make noises, such as hissing, when you’re running water? You might notice damp patches on your driveway or in your garden that are unrelated to the weather.

If you’ve checked your stop tap’s properly on but the water pressure remains low, it could mean you have damaged or leaking pipework. If the pipework has become corroded over time, it can impede the flow of water, even if the pipes themselves aren’t actually leaking.

Also think about the age of your property. If it was built or modernised before 1970 it may still have lead pipework.

Check the service pipe in your kitchen. This is normally found beneath the sink. Now look at the pipe leading to the kitchen tap. The outside of a lead pipe is soft and you can gently scrape it away to reveal a shiny, metallic surface. It’s advisable to get any lead pipework upgraded to help ensure you have an uncontaminated water supply.

Water mains replacement doesn’t have to be complicated, providing you’re clear about what you have to do to make it happen.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

The utility company covering your area responsible for the communication pipe in the street and provides your connection to the water main. If the pipework requiring replacement is within your property boundary, then the expense will be yours. The property boundary stretches from the mains stop tap outside, carrying water from the communication pipe in the street.

How Can You Make it Happen?

The easiest course of action is to seek professional help. At Pipeline Services we specialise in water mains replacement, along with other aspects of pipework. Our state-of-the-art trenchless technology involves us drilling strategically placed holes, which then allow us to pull your replacement pipework into position. This avoids the need for us to dig excavation trenches, making it a cost-effective and tidier way for us to replace your water mains.

If you want a modern, safe, reliable water supply to your home, contact Pipeline Services today.

You probably don’t give a lot of thought to water, but perhaps you should – in particular the water supply you rely on in your home. Water is a natural resource, but when it comes to your water supply, professional pipeline services can prove invaluable.

Protect Yourself and Your Home

Pipework can be one of those things that only has an impact on you when it
goes wrong. There are a number of things that can affect your water supply. These include: persistently low water pressure, leaking pipes, noisy pipes and lead pipework.

We’re happy to come and look at your property’s pipework to assess it for potential faults and weaknesses. If your home was built, or modernised, before 1970 you might still have lead pipework. We can check this for you, if you’ve not already done so, and we can show you how you can have safe, modern replacement pipes fitted.

Pipework: Your Investment in the Future

You want your home to be a safe, comfortable place in which to live. Even so, your home also represents a major investment. In today’s feverish property climate, anything you do now to secure your home as a sound investment later has got to be a good thing.

People re-decorate, renovate and build extensions. But it’s crucial that the basics are covered, and this includes the pipework in your home. You want to know that your home is as reliably served by its facilities and infrastructure, as it is by its internal décor and overall appearance.

Replacing old metal pipework with durable plastic pipes is one definite way of ensuring that your home is protected for the future. And the good news is that with the technical means at our disposal, we can accomplish this without digging conspicuous excavations on your property.

The Magic of Moling

Our pipeline services minimise disruption to your property and maximise efficiency by using moling technology. This involves us drilling boreholes in strategic locations through which we can then pull your new pipework into place. This saves on mess and time. We can pass these efficiencies onto you in the form of a cost saving on the work we do for you.

Make your home safe and reliable for the future: contact Pipeline Services today.

Sometimes winter can seem very long and cold. It puts a lot of pressure on plumbing systems, with burst pipes and boilers running flat-out to meet household needs. So when spring finally turns a corner, should you act now and choose replacement water pipes?

Why Your Pipes Could Need Replacing

The main reason you should think about replacement water pipes for your
home is if your original pipe work is lead. Homes built before 1970 may have
lead water pipes.

A simple way to check is to look in or behind your kitchen cupboards. Now look at the pipe leading to the kitchen tap. Lead pipes have a dull grey look, and if you scratch at the surface the metal beneath is shinier and silver-coloured. Lead pipes feel soft. You should check along as much of the pipe’s length as you can.

What Are the Health Risks?

If water is left standing in lead pipes, very small amounts of lead can dissolve in it. Current EU regulations say that there should be no more than ten micrograms of lead in a single litre of tap water. Exposure over time to lead contamination
in drinking water can be harmful to your health, even if the amounts of lead present seem very small. Children are especially susceptible to the long-term lead poisoning.

What Should You Do?

Act now. The water supply within your property’s boundary, from the mains stop tap in the street, is your responsibility. Take advantage of the milder weather and have replacement water pipes installed. You should also consider the future reliability of your water supply: older pipes are more likely to get damaged and deteriorate. This increases your chances of leaks and reduced water pressure in the home.

What Does it Involve?

Replacing your water pipes is less disruptive than you might think. Trenchless technology, involving the pneumatic drilling of boreholes, means that having replacement water pipes is cost-effective without being disruptive: it means you avoid the need for conspicuous excavations across your property.

At Pipeline Services, we’re experienced in all aspects of replacement water pipes. We’ll come and inspect your property, thoroughly assess it for risks, and carry out our work on your behalf with the minimum of fuss and mess.

Contact us today for your pipeline peace of mind.

What are you prepared to put up with in your house? If your shower flow is rapidly diminishing to little more than a miserable dribble, shouldn’t you be doing something about it? Perhaps it’s not something you normally prioritise but you’re bound to get fed up with it, especially on those chilly winter mornings.

So first things first. Have you checked the showerhead to make sure it isn’t clogged up? This is something that will happen in hard water areas, but can also occur over time with prolonged use. If the showerhead is clear you could try moving on to other parts of the shower mechanism, if you like taking things apart. But you could also think about your water pressure.

The plumbing arrangements for the water in your home could be restricting your water pressure. This is particularly true of a degraded or leaking supply pipe, or in fact the diameter of the pipe itself, if it’s old. In which case, your best solution is a replacement water pipe.

Now this might have brought about a sharp intake of breath but hold on, because it needn’t be as bad as it sounds. Replacement water pipes are commonplace, particularly in older properties with lead pipework.

With older pipework and modern bathrooms there is a widening gap. Old supply pipes are often not up to the task of supplying the water needs of a modern household. And if the old pipes are corroded, or leaking, then their performance is only going to deteriorate.

Modern trenchless technology means that having replacement water pipes doesn’t have to be too disruptive. Using pneumatic power, your replacement pipe supplier drills boreholes through which the new pipes can be pulled into place. It’s no longer a case of having to dig intrusive excavations on
your property.

At Pipeline Services we visit your property and complete a thorough risk assessment before commencing any work. The work then involves installation, reinstatement and connection, providing your home with a modern, assured water supply. We supply you with a WIAPS (Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme) certificate upon completion of the works.

Don’t put up with substandard water pressure – contact us to arrange your replacement water pipes today.

Frequently it’s the case that you don’t realise how something needed changing until the change happens, when you can compare the new to the old. This is particularly true of infrastructure like pipework. Because they’re hidden, we’re more apt to put up with pipes that aren’t really fit for purpose. Until they go wrong, of course.

It’s worth considering whether, when it comes to home improvements, you should be looking at the less glamorous, less visible things first. You might have a beautifully fitted out and decorated Victorian mid-terrace, for instance, but if your water supply is erratic, or even contaminated, it will, ultimately, have an effect on your quality of life. Which is why water mains replacement should be a priority.

Properties built before 1970 in the UK can still have lead supply pipes. There are health implications to having a lead water main supply, and also an increased likelihood of disruption to your water supply through damage and deterioration.

So, what advantages are you likely to see, and experience, if you have a water mains replacement?

Firstly, you will eliminate the risk of lead contamination in your domestic water supply. Your new plastic supply pipe ensures this.

Secondly, you’ll have the reassurance that you’ve removed the opportunity for leaks to occur through deterioration of your old pipes and joints.

Next, you’ll improve your water flow. New pipes are made from flexible plastic but are also strong and long-lasting, and they can facilitate an increased water flow of 10% or more.

This, in turn, can save you energy. Whatever water-dependent appliances you have may now be more efficient because they are receiving a noticeably improved water flow through your new, replacement pipes.

When you add it all up – a healthy water supply, secure pipework, increased water supply flow and energy savings – it makes sense to look at your old pipework and get it upgraded.

Pipeline Services are experts in this field. We’re happy to inspect and advise, so that you get the best out of your water supply.

The combi boiler is now very much state-of-the-art for the home. It provides instant hot water and there’s no more space being taken up by a cold water tank, with all the risks that comes with it – one of the major causes of floods (and water damage) within the home is from the cold water tank bursting.

So, consider the combi, and how economical, efficient and safe it seems: hot water and heating at the push of a button. But it does have its drawbacks. If, for example, there is a disruption to the water supply, you have no reserves of water to draw on while you’re waiting to be reconnected. If there is a fault or some other reason for your water to be cut off, with a combi it’s end of story time, until you get replacement mains water.

Which means, in the end, you should be aware of what your mains water supply is like, and whether there are any signs that you should have it looked at. Here’s a gentle reminder: the water supply pipe running from the public supply pipe to your property is your responsibility. If you have any reason to think that you’re not getting the mains supply you should, it’s time for you to act.

What are some of the tell-tale signs that you might need replacement mains water?

If your water pressure is persistently low, this may be a sign that your supply pipe is leaking, either through damage or deterioration.

If your pipes are noisy, this is another indicator that something is not quite right – they might be shuddering when in use, or you might hear a lot of noise through them even when you’re not running any water.

If your pipes are older, they may be made of lead. Just from a health viewpoint, you’d be advised to get these looked at and replaced. You can tell if you have lead pipework because it’s dull in outward appearance and the surface can easily be scratched off, leaving a silvery underlayer.

The key thing, as a householder, is to be aware and be prepared. Preventing any unexpected disruption to your water supply has got to be better than having to stare wistfully at your unusable combi boiler.

Pipeline Services provides an expert replacement mains water service. We’re quick, efficient and professional. We’re here for your peace of mind. Contact
us today.