One of the key ways to add value to a home is a new kitchen. Not only this, but the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s not just about the added value. A new, well-designed, functional kitchen is highly desirable.

However, when installing a new kitchen, people should also consider the basics, which means checking their water supply.

This was the case recently, when we were approached by someone who, when planning their new kitchen, discovered they had a lead supply pipe.

Replacement water pipes, in this situation, were essential, in preparation for installing a new kitchen.


What are Your Neighbours Up to?

Sometimes the solution is virtually on your own doorstep. With this job, our customer had first seen our vehicle outside a neighbour’s house. Their neighbour recommended our service. The neighbour prompted them to give us a call because of the issue they had uncovered with having an old lead supply pipe.

Lead pipework can be surprisingly commonplace in older properties, built before 1970. Sometimes it’s not until you’re carrying out modernisation work of your own that you give them much thought.

A lead supply pipe can lead to contaminated drinking water. Therefore it is a potential health risk, especially for young children. Also, older pipework is often less efficient when it comes to water pressure and flow.

In relation to having a new kitchen, many modern appliances, including combi boilers, require water pressure of a sufficient strength to function properly. Old, lead pipework may deteriorate over time, impeding its ability to deliver consistent water pressure.


The Process

Once the homeowner contacted us, we arranged a full survey to see what work would be required for replacement water pipes. There was some extra work due to the elevation of the property above the footpath, where we would be installing the replacement pipework.

We were, however, able to complete the entire process of replacing the old lead pipes with new, plastic pipework within a day, minimising disruption to the customer.

The result was that they could then proceed with their new kitchen installation, safe in the knowledge that they had a safe, reliable domestic water supply to go with it.