Modern combi gas boilers are very efficient, providing state-of-the art technology for heating and hot water. However, they require a certain level of consistent water pressure to operate effectively.

You may find, should you choose a combi boiler, that your existing pipework is, in fact, too old to cope with your new boiler.

This when you must then consider water mains replacement as your best option.

What Affects Water Pressure?

In your mains network, the pressure of the water may change. Typically, this is due to the amount of people using it at any one time; so, at times of greatest demand you may find your water pressure drops, affecting the flow in your home.

However, it can also be the case that the diameter of your supply pipe is restricting what the maximum amount of water it can carry.

Combi boilers require a minimum amount of pressure to function properly, at least 1 bar; whereas older boilers can work at pressures as low as 0.5 bar.

Older pipes tend to have a narrower diameter, and the older the pipework, the more prone to deterioration it is, narrowing it further.

How can you tell if your pipes are affecting your water flow? You might find you can only run one hot tap at a time, or that if you run a cold tap at the same time as a hot one elsewhere in your home it restricts the flow.

And note the difference: yes, pressure can vary throughout the day, but if yours is persistently low, you need to look at it.

What Will Happen?

We can inspect your pipework to see how old it is, and whether this is impacting on your boiler’s performance. If this is the case, we would then recommend you have a water mains replacement.

Luckily, with modern technology at our disposal, this doesn’t need to be messy, drawn out, or complicated.

Using impact moling techniques, we’ll drill strategic holes to then drag replacement, plastic pipework into place. Once we reconnect you, you’ll have a consistently reliable, new main pipe.

This should then ensure that your combi boiler runs to its maximum efficiency.

Want to know more? Act now to upgrade your pipework by contacting Pipeline Services.