What is your current water supply like? Is it something you’re happy with, or is it something you have to put up with? There are a number of things you might have noticed in or around your property, which could indicate that replacement mains water is what you need.

Do you have a persistent damp patch on your driveway, in the garden or elsewhere, even when the weather is dry? This can indicate that your current mains supply pipe is leaking, in which case it should be replaced.

What sort of water pressure have you got in your home? Water pressure can be variable, usually due to things that are out of your control, such as demand from other households, if you share a supply pipe. But if your water pressure has dropped and seems to remain low, there could be more serious reasons for this happening.

If you’ve checked your stop tap and it’s on properly but the pressure is still low, this could mean you have leaking or damaged pipework. Sometimes restricted water flow isn’t from leaks, but from corroded pipes that have become blocked or narrowed over time.

Are your taps noisy when you turn them on, or can you hear pipes hissing? This can be an indicator of damaged or leaking pipework causing a disturbed water flow. Check for damp patches, or areas of discolouration. Again, this might be down to deterioration rather than leakage, but it still needs attention.

Finally, if your property was built before 1970 you may have lead pipework. It’s advisable for health and environmental reasons to get this replaced. It’s pretty straightforward to check if your home has lead pipework. Have a look at the service pipe in your kitchen, usually beneath the sink. Lead pipes are dull grey if unpainted, and their surface is soft and can be gently scraped away to reveal a shiny, metallic surface.

We’re here to help. We can provide you with replacement mains water and ensure that your water supply isn’t causing you any difficulties. If you’re unsure about any aspect of your water, please contact us. We can inspect your pipework, find out what the problem is, and give you the right solution.