When you modernise your home, you may be faced with decisions about what to change and what to keep; about how much you want to update. Back in the 1960s the fashion was to rip out the old and begin again. However, original features are very much the thing, including interior mouldings, fixtures and fittings. But this isn’t the whole story: there may be some original features you’re not aware of that you shouldn’t keep. One of these is a lead water supply pipe.

Does Your House Have a Lead Supply Pipe?

You might have checked the internal pipework and it seems okay, but what about the connecting pipe? The one that supplies your property with water from the common supply in the street?

Water mains replacement should be an essential part of modernising your home. There are two main reasons for this: firstly, that if your current supply pipe is made of lead then it poses certain health risks; and secondly, older pipework is more prone to damage and deterioration.

There are health risks associated with exposure to lead in drinking water, and while lead levels may not be high, prolonged contact can cause illnesses in children and be hazardous to pregnant women.

In terms of the reliability of your domestic water supply, the older your mains pipe, the more likely it is that you’ll encounter issues with things like water pressure, along with leaks from your supply pipe.

Completing the Picture

Imagine if your newly modernised home had a defective heating system, or its boiler was old and inadequate for the task. Or what if your electrical wiring was obsolete and possibly unsafe?

You would want to ensure these essential elements were up to scratch, so that your home not only looked its best, but felt comfortable too.

Think of your domestic water supply the same way. Water mains replacement isn’t simply a luxury or something you may or may not choose to have: it’s an essential component of your home and modernising is meaningless without it.

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