Does having a water mains replacement sound like a big job to you – something to do with large-scale utilities and therefore out of your control, or even your price range? In fact, it’s a lot more common than you think, and, thankfully, a lot easier to accomplish without breaking the bank.

Reasons for Water Mains Replacement

There are two main reasons for a water mains replacement: because your water pipes are in some way faulty, or because they are old and need upgrading. In fact, you may need a water mains replacement for both reasons.

There are various causes of damage and deterioration to pipework. Fixtures do age over time, and suffer from wear and tear. Pipes may runs and joints in the pipe network can become loosened, particularly as a house’s foundations gradually shift.

Pipes are sensitive to changes in climate and water pressure. If pipes freeze then thaw out in winter this can damage them; and unregulated water pressure, if too high, can cause long-term damage.

Older properties, built before 1970, may still have lead pipes. Not only will these pipes therefore be older, and more prone to deterioration, but they may also pose a health hazard in terms of lead contamination in your domestic water supply.

Your Responsibilities

Within your property’s boundaries, it’s your responsibility to replace old, damaged or lead pipework, including the main pipe carrying the water supply from the common supply in the street into your home. So in fact, a water mains replacement isn’t some remote utilities task, it’s something much closer to home.

But you shouldn’t feel that organising a water mains replacement is beyond your reach. Pipeline Services is a specialist in this type of work and we can carry out it out on your behalf, while minimising any mess. We use pneumatic technology to drill holes through which we pull into place replacement pipework. This process is known as impact moling.

The result is new, durable plastic pipework for you, without large-scale disruption or excessive expense.

The next time you think about water mains replacement, remember that it’s something we can do cost-effectively for you, to improve the quality, and safety, of your domestic water supply.