What are you prepared to put up with in your house? If your shower flow is rapidly diminishing to little more than a miserable dribble, shouldn’t you be doing something about it? Perhaps it’s not something you normally prioritise but you’re bound to get fed up with it, especially on those chilly winter mornings.

So first things first. Have you checked the showerhead to make sure it isn’t clogged up? This is something that will happen in hard water areas, but can also occur over time with prolonged use. If the showerhead is clear you could try moving on to other parts of the shower mechanism, if you like taking things apart. But you could also think about your water pressure.

The plumbing arrangements for the water in your home could be restricting your water pressure. This is particularly true of a degraded or leaking supply pipe, or in fact the diameter of the pipe itself, if it’s old. In which case, your best solution is a replacement water pipe.

Now this might have brought about a sharp intake of breath but hold on, because it needn’t be as bad as it sounds. Replacement water pipes are commonplace, particularly in older properties with lead pipework.

With older pipework and modern bathrooms there is a widening gap. Old supply pipes are often not up to the task of supplying the water needs of a modern household. And if the old pipes are corroded, or leaking, then their performance is only going to deteriorate.

Modern trenchless technology means that having replacement water pipes doesn’t have to be too disruptive. Using pneumatic power, your replacement pipe supplier drills boreholes through which the new pipes can be pulled into place. It’s no longer a case of having to dig intrusive excavations on
your property.

At Pipeline Services we visit your property and complete a thorough risk assessment before commencing any work. The work then involves installation, reinstatement and connection, providing your home with a modern, assured water supply. We supply you with a WIAPS (Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme) certificate upon completion of the works.

Don’t put up with substandard water pressure – contact us to arrange your replacement water pipes today.