Leaking water pipes aren’t just a problem if for what is coming out of them, but also for potentially what is going in through ruptures in the pipework. Scientific research has revealed that contaminants can enter the water supply through damaged supply pipes.


One sign of damaged pipework is if your water supply drops, or is persistently poor. You may already be aware of the potential danger to health of having an old lead supply pipe, but also consider that damaged pipework per se might be harmful to your health.


How Does Water Contamination Happen?

When there is a significant drop in pressure in part of a pipe that is damaged, water can actually be sucked into it, as opposed to simply leaking out of it. Water being sucked in can include groundwater, which is where contaminants can be found.


Drinking water in the UK is thoroughly and regularly tested for contamination, but if you have a local problem with damage to a supply pipe within your property boundary, then contaminants could be entering your domestic water supply at this point.


What Action Should You Take?

If you experience changes to your normal water supply you should consider getting it checked out. These changes might be in your water pressure, or even the quality of your water – if it appears murky or discoloured for example.


Low water pressure is an inconvenience, but having a contaminated water supply poses a serious threat to your family’s health. If your pipework is made of lead, or if it is simply old and degraded, we have the technology to detect faults and problem areas and the means to remedy them.


We’re specialists in leak detection and water main replacement, and we can make sure you have a clean, safe, and reliable water supply coming into your home.


We use trenchless technology for our water main replacement work, which minimises disruption to your property while being extremely cost effective in terms of labour costs. Replacing your pipework doesn’t have to be out of reach. We can fix it for you.


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