By the middle of the 19th century, middle class Victorian homes would require a reliable water supply. Piped supply from water companies was restricted. By the end of the century, however, there had been a rapid adoption of fixed bathroom appliances, with running hot and cold water.

Water pipe networks had grown to meet demand, either through municipal concerns, or through private enterprise.

The problem, however, with aging water networks is twofold: firstly, some of the pipework is made of lead; secondly, being over 100 years old, it leaks.

Replacement Water Mains

In some areas, such as London and Yorkshire, there have been large-scale projects for replacement water mains.

Yorkshire Water has been carrying out a £13million lead pipe replacement project in areas such as Bradford, Leeds and Harrogate. This is to upgrade the old, Victorian pipework, and eliminate the possibility of lead contaminating the drinking water supply.

In London, replacing the cast iron Victorian pipework has been made necessary because of ever-increasing demand. The fact that the old pipework is deteriorating leading to more leaks.

However, there are plenty of other areas in the UK where houses built before 1970 will have old lead supply pipes.

 Why You Should Act Now

Despite there being large-scale replacement water mains projects in certain parts of the country, the mains supply pipe leading from the common supply pipe in the street is the individual homeowner’s responsibility.

This means that if you think you have a lead supply pipe within your property boundary, or you want to upgrade your water mains for some other reason, you must be the person to act.

Typical signs that you might require replacement water mains might be persistently low pressure, or noisy pipes. If you have any suspicion that you have lead pipework, we advise that you replace it to be sure your drinking water cannot be contaminated.

We can carry out the work quickly, cost-effectively and with the minimum of disruption to your property.

Using modern trenchless technology, a replacement water mains need not involve extensive excavations.

If you have old, Victorian pipework and you want peace of mind about your water supply, contact Pipeline Services today.