Lead has been around since ancient times- the exact year of discovery isn’t known! The Anglo-Saxon word for lead is ‘plumbum’ meaning liquid silver.  From its discovery it’s been used in everything from plumbing, car batteries, electronics etc.  Whilst still used in many products that we use daily, the use of lead for piping was banned from use in 1969.

Exposure to even small amounts of lead over a long period of time is known as ‘chronic toxicity’. Lead is a toxin that gets into a person’s system and it is then distributed throughout the body – but unlike helpful minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc etc. lead accumulates in the soft tissues and bones acting as a neurotoxin that damages the nervous system.

At Pipeline Services we keep on shouting about this because there are still homes and commercial properties built pre-1970 that have lead piping. It’s imperative that everyone is aware that lead pipe replacement is necessary.

Our mission is to have every property carry out lead pipe replacement work

Without having the lead pipe replacement work undertaken every day the risk increases (however small) that your water supply will continue to contain lead and put a greater risk on your health.

If you are unsure if your home or property still has the old lead piping, then contact us to discuss this with us. We can help you understand and assess if your property still has the old lead piping.  We can advise on all lead pipe replacement work, the cost and what’s involved to you and your property in getting this carried out.

Discuss if you are eligible for the ‘lead pipe replacement scheme’

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For whatever reason you aren’t in a position to carry our lead pipe replacement, we strongly advise that regular checks are carried out on all your lead piping. Lead pipe maintenance / repairs should never be left untended.

If you’re unsure and don’t want to take any risks, then give the team at Pipeline Services a call 08000 654 111 and we’ll arrange an assessment with you to clarify if you do need lead pipe replacement or lead pipe repair.

Pipeline Services are a leading specialist contractor for the domestic, commercial and industrial market.  We offer nationwide support 24/7, and we specialise in all aspects of lead pipe repair, lead pipe replacement and can assist you in obtaining access to the lead replacement scheme.  Our team are highly skilled, and we operate to guidelines set by industry regulators. Our industry accreditations speak for themselves.

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