In November 2015, Yorkshire Water announced plans to replace Victorian water supply pipes with plastic pipes, bringing improved water supplies to thousands of homes in York and Leeds. The old cast iron and lead pipes date back to the 19th century.

When water is left standing in lead pipes, very small amounts of the metal can dissolve in it. Current European regulations stipulate that no more than ten micrograms of lead should be in a single litre of tap water.

Water carried by these pipes is routinely decontaminated in water treatment works but public health officials have been concerned that the best option for the future, to remove any traces of lead in the water supply, is to have a full programme of lead pipe replacement. This will ensure that Yorkshire Water’s supply meets current European standards.

If you have lead pipework in your home you should consider getting it replaced. Prolonged exposure to even minor lead contamination in drinking water can be harmful to your health. Children in particular can be susceptible to the effects of long-term lead poisoning.

It’s also worth thinking about lead pipe replacement in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of your water supply. Older pipes are prone to damage and deterioration, increasing your chance of leaks and reduced water pressure.

Take control of the quality of your own water. Your water supply within your property boundary, from the mains stop tap in the street, is your responsibility. If a major utilities company is acting to improve its supply, what’s stopping you from doing your bit for your own household?

Modern trenchless technology involving pneumatic drilling of boreholes means that lead pipe replacement is cost-effective with minimum disruption. You won’t have to put up with big excavations on your property, and at the end of it you’ll have brand new, plastic pipework that’s made to last.

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