Does it all seem complicated to you? You have issues with your pipework, specifically the water main carrying the supply from the street to your home. How do you go about getting replacement mains water? Is it your responsibility, or is it something the utilities company should be taking care of? Sometimes it’s hard to know the rules, and at the same time it’s something you want sorting out sooner rather than later.

First things first, are you responsible for getting this work done, and paying for it? If the replacement pipework is within your property boundary, then you must expect to have to pay for it. Your property boundary runs from the mains stop tap outside, carrying water from the communication pipe in the street. The utility company has responsibility for the communication pipe and provides your connection to the water main.

Once you’ve established that it’s a job you’ll need to take action over in order to get the work done, what are you going to do next? There are some people who will take on the job of replacing their own water mains supply pipe themselves. It can be a lot of work, and you really need to be sure that you know what goes where, particularly where other utility supplies such as gas and electricity are concerned.

The alternative is to get the professionals in. Pipeline Services is a company with a huge amount of experience in water mains replacement and all aspects of pipework. We use modern trenchless technology to bore strategically located holes through which we can pull replacement pipework into place. This is very cost effective and it causes far less disruption than digging excavating trenches.

We will thoroughly risk assess your property prior to work starting and afterwards ensure that your water supply is reconnected and that the work is professionally certified. We’ll leave you with durable plastic pipework that’s built to last and the peace of mind from knowing that your water supply is safe and guaranteed.

For all aspects of pipework, including replacement mains water, contact Pipeline Services today.