The cost of fixing a broken underground water pipe in the UK can vary depending on several factors, including the extent of the damage, the location of the pipe, and the specific requirements of the repair. Pipeline Services is a company that offers supply pipe repair services, and they can provide detailed cost estimates based on individual circumstances.

In general, fixing a broken water pipe underground involves several steps, such as locating the exact location of the break, excavating the area, repairing or replacing the damaged section of the pipe, and restoring the site after the repair is completed. The cost can include labour, materials, equipment, and any additional services required, such as leak detection or pipe insulation.

To get an accurate cost estimate for repairing a broken water pipe, it is recommended to contact Pipeline Services directly. They can assess the situation, evaluate the extent of the damage, and provide a tailored quote based on their expertise and experience in water supply pipe repair.

Keep in mind that costs can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the repair, the accessibility of the pipe, and any associated factors such as the need for permits or specialised equipment. It is crucial to communicate the specific details of the situation to Pipeline Services to receive an accurate cost estimate.