Yes, in the UK, there are grants and funding schemes available to support homeowners in replacing lead pipes. These initiatives are designed to help address the potential health risks associated with lead in the water supply and promote the use of safer alternatives.

One such program in the UK is the Lead Replacement Scheme, which provides financial assistance to eligible homeowners for replacing lead pipes with approved alternatives. The scheme is typically administered by water companies or local authorities, and the availability of grants may vary depending on the region.

To determine if you qualify for a grant to have your old lead pipes replaced with new pipework, it is advisable to contact your local water company or check their website for information on any available funding schemes. They can provide details on eligibility criteria, application procedures, and the amount of financial assistance that may be available.

In addition to specific grant programs, there are also government-backed schemes and initiatives focused on improving water quality and promoting the removal of lead pipes. These programs may offer financial incentives or loans to support homeowners in replacement lead water pipes.

It is important to stay informed about any updates or changes to grant programs or funding schemes related to lead pipe replacement. Keeping in touch with your local water company and regularly checking government websites or official sources can provide the most up-to-date information on available grants and support in your area.