Does it feel like a struggle in your home, when you can only run one tap at a time if you want more than a trickle? Are you competing for a regular water supply if someone’s running a tap in the kitchen and you want a shower upstairs?

Maybe you have two upstairs bathrooms, including an en suite, which makes the competition for water all the fiercer at busy times of the day. It’s hardly what you’d call relaxing.

So, is the time right for looking at a replacement water mains?

Can You Improve Your Flow?

Have you checked your stop-tap to see that it’s properly turned on? If it is but you’re still having problems, then it might be time to replace your supply pipe.

Older pipes can have narrower diameters, which can prevent sufficient water flow to serve a modern household. The older your pipes, the harder they must work to carry the water through for you to use; and the harder they work, the more prone they are to damage through wear and tear.

Is it Easy to Sort Out?

A replacement water mains may sound like something you’d rather not think about, involving excavations, prolonged interruption to your water supply and a lot of strangers in workwear taking up temporary residence in your home.

You’d be surprised, then, at how trouble-free this whole process can be.

Medium-density polyethylene (MDPF) pipework is hard-wearing but lightweight and flexible. This makes it much easier to install than traditional, metal pipes. We use a technique known as impact moling to do this. Using precision tools, we drill pneumatic holes at strategic points.

These boreholes form pathways through which we can feed the plastic pipework, pulling it into place to then connect it to the common supply pipe in the street and the water supply within your property’s boundary.

Impact moling is a clean and efficient way for you to have a replacement water mains pipe. Once the work is done and we’ve reconnected your supply, you can enjoy all the benefits.

Think of it as a sound investment, giving you peace of mind and improving your water supply, no matter how many people in your home need to use it.