It can be the situation that regardless of the external pressure in the mains network, your water flow remains poor.

Weak water flow can affect modern bathroom and kitchen appliances such as showers and combi boilers. It is a problem that people want to get fixed.

This was the case with a recent customer who was suffering from a poor flow of water to his property despite having had his external valve replaced. United Utilities carried out this work, but unfortunately the customer was left with no marked improvement to the water pressure in his home.

We can and inspected the property and quickly ascertained that the best solution would be for a water mains replacement.

 How Old Pipework Affects Flow

There are several things that can affect your water pressure. These include the number of users at any one time; and whether all the valves are open in your own pipework, including the main stop tap.

However, if it is a water mains pipe under the ground that is affecting your water pressure, then replacing it is your best option.

Older pipework is typically made of metal, not plastic, either copper, iron or, often, lead. It may be of a narrower bore, or diameter, than modern pipework, which can affect the flow of water through it.

It is also more prone to deterioration and damage and, in with lead pipework, the danger that it will lead to the contamination of your domestic water supply.

What We Do to Help

At Pipeline Services, we specialise in water mains replacement. This means we can replace your old pipework with new, plastic pipework that is strong, flexible and built to last.

It also can make a big difference to your water flow.

With this case study, we provided the customer with a quotation based on what we could see was required, which he immediately accepted. We were then able to complete the installation of a new water mains supply pipe within a day, using modern trenchless technology.

The result was a satisfied customer with a water supply, and flow, he could rely on.

Please contact us here at Pipeline Services if you have any issues with your water supply pipe. The work we carry out for you now can make all the difference to you in the future.