The water leaving treatment works does not contain lead, and many utility companies have carried out work to ensure that the main water supply does not travel through lead pipes. However, your domestic water supply may still pick up lead where it has been used for the supply pipe into your property, or if lead has been used for your internal plumbing.

Do You Need a Replacement for Your Lead Supply Pipe?

If your property was built before 1970 you may have lead pipework; after 1970 probably not. You can always check your supply pipe, which carries water from within your property boundary.

The end of this pipe connects to your internal stoptap. If it has a rounded, swollen joint, and the pipe itself is about one inch (25mm) in diameter, it may well be lead. If it is unpainted, it will appear a dull grey colour, and feel soft. If you gently scrape the surface it will reveal a metallic, silvery layer beneath.

If you don’t have lead pipes you should either see copper pipes, which are a brown colour, or dark grey or rust-coloured iron pipes, or blue or black plastic pipes.

If you have lead pipes you should not drink any water that has been lying in them overnight. Run the kitchen tap first, filling a washing up bowl, and use this water externally on the garden, or for some purpose other than drinking.

Once you’ve run it first, use the kitchen tap for drinking water or food preparation, never other hot or cold taps in the house.


It’s Your Choice

You are responsible for the supply pipe running under your garden and into your house, therefore you have to make the decision about replacing it, if it’s made of lead.

If you want to be absolutely sure you have no lead in your water, and have full confidence in your water supply, you should consider a replacement for your lead supply pipe.

The good news is that we can carry out this work quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively using state-of-the-art trenchless technology. This minimises disruption to you while ensuring you end up with modern, safe and strong plastic pipework.

You don’t have to live with lead pipes. Contact Pipeline Services today for a quick, painless solution to your pipework problems.