Old, leaking or burst pipes are not a welcome addition to any home and in winter, particularly when people leave their houses vacant over Christmas. They can cause real problems and heartache for householders.

Many issues with home insurance come from accidents involving water pipes. There are plenty of case studies from the Financial Services Ombudsman of disputes with insurers over causes of burst water pipes and what individual policies actually provide cover for.

Policy exclusion clauses details the number of consecutive days a property can be unoccupied if there is a leaking or burst pipe. There may also be a policy clause for water escaping but not for trace and access. This would have financial implications for when it comes to fixing your pipework.

How to Prevent Damage from Leaking Pipes

Many older pipes in properties built or renovated before 1970 are made of lead. These come with their own potential health hazards, alongside the risks associated with how old they are.

Therefore, for a number of reasons, it’s worth considering having replacement pipework for lead water pipes.

Prevention can save you a lot of trouble further down the line. You can take certain steps to ensure your pipes don’t freeze in winter. If you have a lead supply pipe, the best thing you can do is arrange to replace it. Modern supply pipes are made out of durable plastic. They are non-toxic and much more resilient to the elements.

We provide professional support and services when it comes to pipework, and we specialise in replacement work for lead water pipes.

You want to be sure that your water supply is both safe and reliable, and that you won’t be faced with anything catastrophic happening due to the winter weather.

We can offer you that reassurance with our pipeline services. Keep your home safe from burst or leaking pipes this winter and don’t gamble with your water supply. Contact Pipeline Services today.