Refurbishing your home can increase its value considerably. Home improvement is a well established fact of British life. Think of all those bank holidays involving trips to DIY stores and the numerous home improvement programmes that continue to be shown on television.

Typically, the focus is on extending or modernising properties through conservatories, putting in en suite bathrooms or refitting kitchens with all mod cons. There are figures that suggest that a conservatory can deliver a return that’s over 100 per cent. The idea is that this sort of refurbishment attains the twin goals of making your home a more pleasant place to live in and increasing its value for when you sell it on, or leave it to your children.

But what about the less conspicuous improvements you could make, the unglamorous but otherwise essential bits of modernisation that are the real basis for a sound, secure home?

If you’ve got an older property, one that was built before 1970, you could have lead water pipes. This might mean the pipes inside your home, or the pipe connecting you to the mains supply. There is a small risk of contamination to your drinking water from lead pipes, and the older your pipework is, the more likely it will be that it is less reliable and more prone to leaks through deterioration.

What you might want to ask yourself is, is it worth going to the trouble of refurbishing your property and giving it the sort of makeover that will really enhance its value, as a home and as an investment, if you haven’t first modernised its basic utilities?
Lead pipe replacement is essential for any home that’s undergoing improvement work. Pipeline Services specialises in lead pipe replacement. We can provide the sort of up to date water supply that a good looking home thoroughly deserves.