Home improvement is a fact of life in the UK. It’s well established that refurbishing your home can increase its value. The bank holiday trip to the DIY superstore is part of the ritual. Our obsession with our homes extends to numerous television programmes focusing on how to improve property and increase its value.

Most of this is about modernisation through new bathrooms and kitchens, or extensions and conservatories – with some figures suggesting returns of over 100 per cent in terms of adding value.

What about more basic improvements, things that aren’t showy, but are nonetheless essential if you’re serious about improving where you live?

One such thing is ensuring that you have a safe, modern and reliable water supply pipe into your property –  lead pipe replacement should be a key element in home improvement.

Have you Checked your Supply Pipe?

You might well have a lead supply pipe, If your property was built or modernised before 1970. The older your pipework, the more likely this is. A lead supply pipe poses a small risk of contamination to your drinking water. As well as being more prone to leaks or the cause of interruption of your water supply through deterioration over time.

Is it worth the trouble? Modernising the basic utilities of your home should be a basic requirement for laying the groundwork for any subsequent changes. Therefore, we think lead pipe replacement is essential for improving your home. Giving it a refurbishment that will really add value to it in the long term.

At Pipeline Services we specialise in lead pipe replacement. We make sure the basic water supply to your property is modern and up to date and matches the aspirations you have for your home.

Modern pipework made out of plastic is very useful as it makes the pipes long-lasting. Just as you might need to update the wiring or internal plumbing and heating of a home. So you should consider modernising your supply pipe.