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Why New Boiler and Old Pipes May be a Bad Combination
2 . 2 . 2018

Modern combi gas boilers are very efficient, providing state-of-the art technology for heating and hot water. However, they require a certain level of consistent water pressure to

Is the Noise from Your Pipes Telling You Something?
3 . 1 . 2018

When there’s something wrong with the pipes in your home, you can sometimes hear it. Typically, you wouldn’t expect your water pipes to be noisy, but if they are, it can be qui

Can You Protect Yourself from Poor Pipework?
22 . 12 . 2017

Your plumbing is probably only important to you when something goes wrong with it. However, it might be more than worth your while not to wait for this to happen but to act now for a water

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