The combi boiler is now very much state-of-the-art for the home. It provides instant hot water and there’s no more space being taken up by a cold water tank, with all the risks that comes with it – one of the major causes of floods (and water damage) within the home is from the cold water tank bursting.

So, consider the combi, and how economical, efficient and safe it seems: hot water and heating at the push of a button. But it does have its drawbacks. If, for example, there is a disruption to the water supply, you have no reserves of water to draw on while you’re waiting to be reconnected. If there is a fault or some other reason for your water to be cut off, with a combi it’s end of story time, until you get replacement mains water.

Which means, in the end, you should be aware of what your mains water supply is like, and whether there are any signs that you should have it looked at. Here’s a gentle reminder: the water supply pipe running from the public supply pipe to your property is your responsibility. If you have any reason to think that you’re not getting the mains supply you should, it’s time for you to act.

What are some of the tell-tale signs that you might need replacement mains water?

If your water pressure is persistently low, this may be a sign that your supply pipe is leaking, either through damage or deterioration.

If your pipes are noisy, this is another indicator that something is not quite right – they might be shuddering when in use, or you might hear a lot of noise through them even when you’re not running any water.

If your pipes are older, they may be made of lead. Just from a health viewpoint, you’d be advised to get these looked at and replaced. You can tell if you have lead pipework because it’s dull in outward appearance and the surface can easily be scratched off, leaving a silvery underlayer.

The key thing, as a householder, is to be aware and be prepared. Preventing any unexpected disruption to your water supply has got to be better than having to stare wistfully at your unusable combi boiler.

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