Several water companies across the UK have been systematically replacing common supply pipes in areas where they are still made of lead. This helps to ensure that people receive safe, clean and uncontaminated drinking water.

However, individual households are responsible for the supply pipe that lies within their property boundary and connects with the common supply pipe in the street. So, if you want to be completely sure about your water supply, with a belt and braces approach, you need to look at your own supply pipe.

Lead Pipe Replacement and You

You must pay to replace the pipes you are responsible for. Is this worth it? Consider this, if your property dates from before 1970 you could well have a lead supply pipe. Poisoning from lead contamination in your drinking water is not a huge risk, but it is a possibility.

You can eliminate this possibility by having your own lead pipe replacement. This requires laying a new supply pipe from your house to the boundary of the street where the main supply pipe is. This main pipe is the responsibility of the water company, but anything within your property boundary is down to you.

You’ll also need to make sure the plumbing in your property is properly connected to your new supply pipe.

Getting the Job Done

The good news is that this whole process doesn’t have to cause you sleepless nights. If you choose the right kind of professional help, the work will be swift, efficient and without major disruption to your property.

We are specialists in lead pipe replacement work. We use a method known as impact moling, where we drill strategic boreholes on your property. This allows us to pull your replacement pipework into place. This avoids us having to dig extensive excavation trenches and it saves on both time and resources.

If you’re at all unsure about your water supply, call us today and we’ll be able to inspect your water supply. We’ll let you know whether you’ve got lead pipework, and what we can do to replace it.