By the end of autumn there’s often a lot in the news about winter preparedness, along with speculation, some of it quite wild, about how bad winter might actually be. Sometimes it’s better to get prepared earlier so you don’t have to worry about winter.

Winter is not a good time for water pipes. When temperatures drop severely in winter then there is always the danger that pipes can freeze, or burst. Water freezes and expands inside pipes and continual freezing and expansion can cause pressure to build up, eventually causing pipes to burst.

There are various preventative measures householders can take to keep out the cold but it’s also worth considering whether your water mains supply pipe is up to scratch. Any old or already deteriorating pipework is going to be particularly vulnerable in cold weather, and unlike the pipes inside your home, a frozen mains supply pipe is not something you can easily access or remedy yourself.

You might now be thinking that having concerns about winter early in Autumn is premature, if not alarmist. But if you have any suspicion that your current water supply is not as reliable as it should be, or indeed if you have old lead pipework, it’s going to be easier to deal with it now rather than when the cold weather comes.

Water mains replacement can be accomplished with relatively little disruption using modern trenchless technology, but consider how much more peace of mind you’ll have if you get this done sooner rather than later.

We provide a team of expert professionals who will assess your pipework and provide the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your water mains replacement, leaving you, and your water mains, properly prepared for winter.