Are you old enough to remember 1970? There was a general election in which Labour, under Harold Wilson, lost to Edward Heath’s Conservatives. The half crown coin ceased to be legal tender. Ian Smith declared independence for Rhodesia. England lost to West Germany in the quarter-final of the World Cup
in Mexico.

Houses built before 1970 would have had lead pipework. After 1970, new-build houses were no longer had lead pipes fitted. Houses modernised after 1970 are also likely to have had a lead water main replacement. There are, however, a significant number of houses built before 1970 that still have a lead water main.

Unpainted lead pipes look a dull grey colour, and they’re quite soft, so if you carefully scrape them you reveal a shiny, metallic surface. If you’re not sure about what you’ve found, contact a plumber who’ll be able to confirm whether or not you’ve got lead pipework.

Should you have a lead water main replacement? Lead doesn’t often get into drinking water, but the build-up of lead in the body over time can be harmful. Children and infants are more at risk because their mental development can be affected by prolonged exposure to lead.

There are good and bad things about 1970. There are fashions that some of us would rather forget and other things we remember fondly. Lead water pipes belong firmly in the past, along with loon pants, the ten shilling note and the Morris Minor. And unlike some of these things, we’re not likely to feel nostalgic about lead pipes.

If you have a lead water main, or think you have lead pipes, contact Pipeline Services today. We’ll come and have a look, give you a quote for our cost effective lead water main replacement. Then you won’t have to worry about the past affecting your present, or future.