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Essential Pipeline Work in Oldham
1 . 12 . 2017

If you live in Oldham how safe and reliable is your water supply? Many houses in the area are older properties, built before 1970, which means they could still have lead supply pipes.

Old, l

Modernise Your Home with a Water Mains Replacement
20 . 11 . 2017

When you modernise your home, you may be faced with decisions about what to change and what to keep; about how much you want to update. Back in the 1960s the fashion was to rip out the old and begi

Can You Add Value with Lead Pipe Replacement?
17 . 11 . 2017

Home improvement is a fact of life in the UK and it’s well established that refurbishing your home can increase its value. The bank holiday trip to the DIY superstore is part of

Take Action Now to Replace Your Lead Supply Pipe
10 . 11 . 2017

If you’ve made the decision to get replacement pipework for your lead supply pipe, what action do you need to take next? This may seem like a big undertaking tha

Can Lead Pipes Affect Your Insurance?
3 . 11 . 2017

Old, leaking or burst pipes are not a welcome addition to any home and in winter, particularly when people leave their houses vacant over Christmas, they can cause real problems an

If You Need Replacement Water Pipes Can You Do it Yourself?
27 . 10 . 2017

If you need to replace the water pipes in your home, is it straightforward to do, and what reasons are there to undertake this work?

Water pipes are vital. They supply water to your househol

How Can You Protect Your Water Supply?
20 . 10 . 2017

Lead was once commonplace in the environment, being used extensively in materials such as petrol and paint, and in the manufacture of water supply pipes. With the rise in awareness of the risks fro

Belt and Braces: Why Lead Pipe Replacement is Vital for Your Home
16 . 10 . 2017

Several water companies across the UK have been systematically replacing common supply pipes in areas where they are still made of lead. This helps to ensure that people receive sa

No Digging? Trenchless Technology and Replacement Water Mains
13 . 10 . 2017

You could, if you wanted to, choose to replace your own pipework. However, this can be very time consuming, and disruptive. The main reason is because you will need to dig trenches

Do You Understand Your Water Pressure?
9 . 10 . 2017

You may want to consider water mains replacement when you’re planning on getting a new bathroom. Modern bathrooms depend on reliable water pressure, it’s that simple. If your w

Why We’re Recommended Locally for Replacement Water Pipes
5 . 10 . 2017

We’re not always the first to identify a problem, but we can be the right people to solve it.

Sometimes customers will first approach a local plumber due to issues they ha

Is Your Water Main Undersized?
29 . 9 . 2017

To get the best water services for your home, you need the right mains supply, otherwise you may require a replacement water main.

The usual reason a water main is underperf

What if You Aren’t Meeting Safe Drinking Water Standards?
22 . 9 . 2017

Are you concerned about how safe your drinking water is? One of the key requisites to a healthy life is a safe water supply, free of contaminants. The basis of this comes from nati

Are We Putting Up with Poison in Our Water Supply?
14 . 9 . 2017

Lead exposure is an insidious threat – it takes time, but it can be seriously damaging to health. As a toxic substance, lead has a cumulative effect on the body, and it can cause

Are Your Pipes Prepared for Autumn?
27 . 8 . 2017

As the sun sets on the late August bank holiday weekend in the UK, you might not be thinking too far ahead to wet and wintery weather. However, now is the time to consider whether your pipe

What is the Legacy of a Victorian Water Supply?
7 . 8 . 2017

By the middle of the 19th century, middle class Victorian homes would require a reliable water supply, but piped supply from water companies was restricted. By the end of the century, however, ther

What Are the Risks of a Shared Water Supply?
2 . 8 . 2017

If you live in a Victorian terrace house, there is a good chance you will have a shared water supply. This means the water supply to your home comes via a shared access pipe throug

Are Leaking Water Pipes a Threat to Your Health?
31 . 7 . 2017

Researchers at the University of Sheffield have discovered that leaking water pipes not only releases clean water, but also sucks in dirty water.

Professor Joby Boxall’s t

Case Study: How We Fixed a Poor Water Flow
9 . 6 . 2017

It can be the situation that regardless of the external pressure in the mains network, your water flow remains poor.

Weak water flow can affect modern bathroom and kitchen appliances such as

Urgent Replacement Water Mains at Residential Block
2 . 6 . 2017

We come across urgent cases where having a replacement water mains is not only essential but enforceable. Recently a local, large, residential block needed an urge

Why a New Kitchen Deserved a Better Supply Pipe
30 . 5 . 2017

One of the key ways to add value to a home is a new kitchen. Not only this, but the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s not just about the added value. A new, well-designed

Urgent Replacement Water Mains at Residential Block
26 . 5 . 2017

We come across urgent cases where having a replacement water mains is not only essential but enforceable. Recently a local, large, residential block needed an urge

Why a New Kitchen Deserved a Better Supply Pipe
22 . 5 . 2017

One of the key ways to add value to a home is a new kitchen. Not only this, but the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s not just about the added value. A new, well-designed

Can You Live with Lead Water Pipes?
17 . 5 . 2017

The water leaving treatment works does not contain lead, and many utility companies have carried out work to ensure that the main water supply does not travel through lead pipes. However, your dome

Belt and Braces: Why Lead Pipe Replacement is Vital for Your Home
12 . 5 . 2017

Several water companies across the UK have been systematically replacing common supply pipes in areas where they are still made of lead. This helps to ensure that people receive sa

Is Your Supply Pipe Affecting Your Water Quality?
9 . 5 . 2017

Many local water authorities have put programmes in place to replace lead pipework to help ensure people have a safe water supply.

However, the section of pipe running from the boundary into

Can You Protect Your Environment with Lead Pipe Replacement?
1 . 5 . 2017

You can be exposed to lead through dust, soil, dirt, the air and in your water supply. Lead has had widespread commercial and industrial use, including water mains connections, and pipework inside

Does Your Water Struggle to Keep Up With Your Demand?
28 . 4 . 2017

We like our appliances. They feel like an essential part of improving our homes. From combi boilers to dishwashers, power showers to instant boiling water taps.

But all thes

Are You Competing for Your Water Supply?
15 . 4 . 2017

Does it feel like a struggle in your home, when you can only run one tap at a time if you want more than a trickle? Are you competing for a regular water supply if someone’s runn

Is Your Poor Shower Pressure Down to Your Pipework?
10 . 4 . 2017

When you want an invigorating morning shower and all you get is a miserable dribble what can you do about it? There are various causes of low water pressure, but o

What Are the Reasons for Water Mains Replacement?
23 . 3 . 2017

Are your water pipes faulty? Do you have trouble with low water pressure, or persistent leaks? Are your pipes noisy? If you have old pipework this can lead to contamination and interruptions in you

Why Plastic is Perfect for Your Pipework
3 . 3 . 2017

If you’re considering <strong>replacement water mains</strong> work to upgrade your old pipes, what material would you want your new pipes to be made from?

The answer is <st

Pipe Replacement Doesn’t Have to be a Struggle
25 . 2 . 2017

In Flint, Michigan, in the USA, it is now over one year on since officials warned residents to stop drinking tap water because of the danger of contamination from improperly treated water flowing t

How Can You Make Your Water Supply is Dependable?
18 . 2 . 2017

In Autumn 2016, Severn Trent announced it was commencing work on <strong>replacement water pipes</strong> in the Hope Valley. With an investment of nearly £1m, the company will be repl

How Will You Experience Changes to Your Water Supply?
7 . 2 . 2017

Sometimes it’s only <strong>after</strong> you’ve experienced change that you realise how important it has been. After change you can compare what you now have with what you had bef

Can You Live with Lead Water Pipes?
18 . 1 . 2017

The water leaving treatment works does not contain lead, and many utility companies have carried out work to ensure that the main water supply does not travel through lead pipes. However, your dome

Replacement Water Main: What Work is Involved Replacing a Water Main?
7 . 1 . 2017

There may be a number of reasons why you need to replace your existing water main pipe, from having an old lead supply pipe to damaged or deteriorating pipework that is affecting the quality of you

Water Main Replacement: How Inconvenient is a Water Main Replacement?
25 . 12 . 2016

If you think of a water main carrying your domestic water supply into your property it sounds pretty big, and significant. So, when you then think about a water main replacement it

Will Lead Pipe Replacement Make the Water You Drink at Home Safe?
30 . 11 . 2016

There are various occasions when you’re abroad and you’re advised not to drink the tap water. However, is not an issue that normally you expect to face here in the UK. But in fact, your drinkin

Does Low Pressure Mean Your Water is Contaminated?
16 . 11 . 2016

Leaking water pipes aren’t just a problem if for what is coming out of them, but also for potentially what is going in through ruptures in the pipework. Scientific research has revealed that

Are Lead Pipes More Likely to Freeze in Winter?
9 . 11 . 2016

When it comes to your water supply in winter, how confident are you about your pipework? If you’ve got old lead pipes supplying your home you could be storing up problems for later, when the weat

Why We Use Impact Moling for Water Main Replacement?
26 . 10 . 2016

There are a number of reasons you might require a water main replacement, and one key one is if you have an old lead supply pipe leading from the common mains into your property.

Are Lead Water Pipes Commonplace?
19 . 10 . 2016

According to United Utilities, a third of properties in the North West built before 1970 have some lead piping. Although the idea of lead pipework may seem antiquated, it is in fact fairly

What to Do if Your Burst Pipe is Outdoors
12 . 10 . 2016

What to Do if Your Burst Pipe is Outdoors?

Sometimes damage to pipes, requiring a water mains replacem

Are Lead Pipes Illegal?
4 . 10 . 2016

Some people raise this question on DIY forums when considering repairing their own pipework. The assumption is that as lead is officially not good for drinking water, should you then be allowed to

Is Old Pipework Affecting Your Boiler Pressure
28 . 9 . 2016

You may have excellent water pressure in the area where you live, but unfortunately you’re not benefiting because your existing pipework is, basically, too old to cope.


Do you have a reliable water supply at all times?
15 . 9 . 2016

Is Your Drinking Water Guaranteed?

In the UK we don’t assume there’ll be any issues with drinking tap water at home. But how safe is your drinking water

Water Mains Replacement May Be Closer to Home Than You Think
8 . 9 . 2016

When we read about water mains upgrades and replacements in the news they are frequently large-scale infrastructure projects costing millions of pounds. A recently completed £5m water mains upgrad

How Urgent is Lead Pipe Replacement for Your Home?
17 . 8 . 2016

Lead was a very useful material. It was particularly well suited for making pipes because as a metal it was soft, so easy to work into the desired shape. In fact the word plumbing comes from the La

Is Water Mains Replacement Best Value for Your Home?
11 . 8 . 2016

What are the less conspicuous improvements you could make to your home that in fact are the real basis for it being sound, safe and secure? Refurbishing your home can indeed increase its value –

Should Lead Pipe Replacement Be Part of Modernising Your Home?
3 . 8 . 2016

It’s a great thing to do, modernising your home, giving it that extra something by bringing out unique features and adding a real individual touch. But sometimes it’s the stuff you can’t see,

Let it Flow Freely With Replacement Water Main
29 . 7 . 2016

Your water supply shouldn’t feel competitive, but if you’re finding that the water isn’t flowing freely throughout the house, then it can feel like it is. Say you’ve got tw

Will Lead Pipe Replacement Make Your Water Safe to Drink?
20 . 7 . 2016

The fact is you can have lead in your domestic water supply if lead pipes supply the water in your home. If your house was built, or modernised, before 1970, there is a chance that

Why You Might Need Water Mains Replacement
13 . 7 . 2016

Does having a water mains replacement sound like a big job to you – something to do with large-scale utilities and therefore out of your control, or even your price range? In fact, it’s a lot m

Lead Pipe Replacement and Your Environment
6 . 7 . 2016

What does environment mean to you? Is it something you read about on the news, or see stories concerning it on the television? The environment is where you live, and protecting your environment sho

Will Water Mains Replacement Protect Your Home?
15 . 6 . 2016

On a day-to-day basis your pipework is not probably a priority. However, when something goes wrong, then your plumbing becomes something really important, because your home suffers when something y

What Pressure? How Lead Pipe Replacement Can Help
8 . 6 . 2016

Do you sometimes feel like you’re competing for water pressure? Sometimes in homes there’s a sense that there’s not enough water pressure to go around. If you try and run mor

Will Replacement Water Pipes Keep You Safe?
2 . 6 . 2016

How exposed are you, and your family, to the dangers of lead poisoning? Lead poisoning comes from the building up of lead in the body from exposure to small quantities over a perio

Keep It Clean: Water Mains Replacement
25 . 5 . 2016

Say you have an elegant home with a nice wide, well-tended driveway. On the surface it all looks fine, even enviable. Everything fits together nicely, from the materials to the textures used. Howev

Choose Water Mains Replacement for a Better Quality of Life
18 . 5 . 2016

What makes life comfortable? It might be your home, your furnishings, even your electronic devices and your car. For some people it’s their friends and family. But for most of us we have a certai

Why Replacement Water Pipes are Definitely a Good Idea
12 . 5 . 2016

An academic study has linked rising murder rates with the use of lead water supply pipes in certain American cities. While the effects of lead contamination through the water supply have been large

When and How: Water Mains Replacement Made Easy
28 . 4 . 2016

You can let certain things slip, or simply live with them for a certain amount of time; but when it comes to your water supply, there’s only so much you and your family can, or should, have to pu

Keep It Flowing: How Pipeline Services Make Water Work for You
10 . 4 . 2016

You probably don’t give a lot of thought to water, but perhaps you should – in particular the water supply you rely on in your home. Water is a natural resource, but when it comes to your water

The Weather’s Turned: Act Now for Replacement Water Pipes
18 . 3 . 2016

Sometimes winter can seem very long and cold. It puts a lot of pressure on plumbing systems, with burst pipes and boilers running flat-out to meet household needs. So when spring finally turns a co

Low Water Pressure and a Shocking Shower
16 . 3 . 2016

What are you prepared to put up with in your house? If your shower flow is rapidly diminishing to little more than a miserable dribble, shouldn’t you be doing something about it? Perhaps it’s n

Replacement Lead Supply Pipes Don’t Have to Cost the Earth
9 . 3 . 2016

In Flint, Michigan, USA, the city is facing two huge challenges to getting its water supply, and its residents, back to health. Flint’s well-documented public health disaster involved the poor de

Why Did We Use Lead in the First Place? Your Replacement Water Pipes
24 . 2 . 2016

It may seem hard to fathom now, when considering replacement water pipes, but at one time lead was a very popular, widely-used material. Lead is a soft metal, which makes it easy to work into a des

The Shock of the New – Water Mains Replacement
18 . 2 . 2016

Frequently it’s the case that you don’t realise how something needed changing until the change happens, when you can compare the new to the old. This is particularly true of infrastructure like

Beware the Boiler – Why Replacement Mains Water is Vital
10 . 2 . 2016

The combi boiler is now very much state-of-the-art for the home. It provides instant hot water and there’s no more space being taken up by a cold water tank, with all the risks that comes with it

How You Can Improve Your Water Quality – Lead Pipe Replacement
27 . 1 . 2016

In November 2015, Yorkshire Water announced plans to replace Victorian water supply pipes with plastic pipes, bringing improved water supplies to thousands of homes in York and Leeds. The old cast

How Will You Replace Pipes In The New Year?
20 . 1 . 2016

We all know the pitfalls of New Year resolutions. It’s no secret that gym membership rockets in January only to fall away later in the year. Resolutions can be hard to keep, particularly the ones

What Do We Mean By Effortless Pipe Replacement?
18 . 1 . 2016

Water mains replacement doesn’t particularly sound like a minor job does it? In fact it sounds pretty big and potentially disruptive. Well, okay, it’s not exactly effortless for us, because we

Noisy Pipes – Is it Time for a Water Mains Replacement?
13 . 1 . 2016

Some people find the sound of water relaxing. But not when you can hear it inside your house and you don’t know where it’s coming from.

As a general rule, if you don’t normally hear yo

Can Your Water Be Contaminated Because of Pressure Problems? – Water Mains Replacement
8 . 1 . 2016

A study at the University of Sheffield has shown that contaminants can enter pipes through leaks. When there is a leak, mains water is normally forced out through pressure, but if there is a signif

Water Main Installation – Easier Than You Think
6 . 1 . 2016

It sounds like a big job doesn’t it? Water main installation is obviously something not to be taken lightly, but it can be done with far less cost and mess than you might think. You might be wond

What Do You Do Now If You Want to Utilise the Replacement Lead Supply Pipe?
30 . 12 . 2015

If you’ve decided that you want to replace the lead supply pipe that provides your property with water what’s your next step? It probably feels like a big job to get underway, but the best way

Can You Count the Risk of Problem Pipes?
23 . 12 . 2015

Burst and blocked pipes can be a real headache for householders. The combination of colder winter weather and the holiday season, whereby people are away, leaving their houses vacant, can be lethal

Replacement Mains water – How to Face the Freeze and Keep Your Winter Water Supply
17 . 12 . 2015

In some years, winter seems a long time coming, and at other times it arrives early. Winter is a crucial period for domestic water supplies, particularly when it comes to burst pipes. Sometimes hav

Will Lead Pipe Replacement Help Your Flow?
9 . 12 . 2015

You have a large family and you’re all living in a Victorian terrace. It might not be happy families exactly but you all get on more or less, as families do. You’ve got two upstairs bathrooms a

How Messy is Lead Water Main Replacement?
7 . 12 . 2015

Picture a house with an impressive, wide sweeping driveway. Imagine that this driveway has been manufactured in a nice shade of stone, perfectly complementing the brickwork on the house that overlo

How Pipeline Services Protect Your Property
25 . 11 . 2015

How important are pipes to you? If you’re not a plumber then they probably don’t rank very high on your list of priorities on a day to day basis. Except, of course, when something goes wrong. T

Can Water Mains Replacement Be Trouble Free?
18 . 11 . 2015

Water mains replacement sounds like a big job doesn’t it? You can imagine the trenches being dug, the noise, the mess, in fact the whole, sheer inconvenience of it. And then you might be thinking

Does The Replacement Lead Supply Pipe Make Environmental Sense?
13 . 11 . 2015

Lead is poisonous. But human exposure to lead can occur through the air, dust, soil and diet. Lead has historically had widespread commercial use, including the production of car batteries, paints

How Do You Get Replacement Mains Water?
10 . 11 . 2015

Does it all seem complicated to you? You have issues with your pipework, specifically the water main carrying the supply from the street to your home. How do you go about getting replacement mains

What Can Ancient Rome Tell Us About Lead Pipe Replacement?
6 . 11 . 2015

Scientific research has revealed that the amount of lead contamination in the water in ancient Rome was potentially dangerous. Rome’s aqueducts allowed for the mass distribution of tap water to i

Should You Consider Lead Pipe Replacement?
3 . 11 . 2015

In The UK, most lead-based paint was banned from sale to the public in 1992. The ban on lead in four-star petrol came into force in 1988. There are restrictions on lead shot dating from 1999. Lead

Are Lead Pipes in the Home Putting Your Health At Risk?
30 . 10 . 2015

We live in an advanced economy so we make certain assumptions about our quality of life and what we can expect. One of these things is clean, safe drinking water. When we think of drinking water th

How Can Lead Pipe Replacement Add Value to Your Home?
26 . 10 . 2015

Refurbishing your home can increase its value considerably. Home improvement is a well established fact of British life. Think of all those bank holidays involving trips to DIY stores and the numer

When Would You Need Replacement Mains Water?
20 . 10 . 2015

What is your current water supply like? Is it something you’re happy with, or is it something you have to put up with? There are a number of things you might have noticed in or around your proper

Was 1970 A Crucial Year for Lead Water Main Replacement?
3 . 10 . 2015

Are you old enough to remember 1970? There was a general election in which Labour, under Harold Wilson, lost to Edward Heath’s Conservatives. The half crown coin ceased to be legal tender. Ian Sm

How Much Work Must You Do for a Replacement Water Main?
3 . 10 . 2015

Have you made the decision to replace your existing water main pipe? It might be one of those things that seems like a lot of effort and trouble, but you will have decided that it really does need

What, No Trenches? Hassle-Free Water Mains Replacement
30 . 9 . 2015

You have a lovely garden well tended and cared for. But you’ve been advised that your property requires water mains replacement. You may have heard stories about the sort of disruption involved,

Why Water Main Replacement is Essential for Modernising Your Home
26 . 9 . 2015

The old and the new: how much to keep and how much to update? House refurbishments follow fashion and these days it’s all about original features. At once time people were gleefully ripping out o

Does Replacing Lead Pipes Make Environmental Sense?
24 . 9 . 2015

Lead is poisonous. But human exposure to lead can occur through the air, dust, soil and diet. Lead has historically had widespread commercial use, including the production of car batteries, paints

What are the Reasons for a Water Mains Replacement?
24 . 9 . 2015

Broadly speaking, there are two major reasons for you needing a replacement water main: either because your pipes are faulty, or because they are old and need upgrading. In certain circumstances, b

Autumn is Here – What About Your Water Mains Replacement?
18 . 9 . 2015

By the end of autumn there’s often a lot in the news about winter preparedness, along with speculation, some of it quite wild, about how bad winter might actually be. Sometimes it’s better to g

Act Now for Your Water Mains Replacement
12 . 9 . 2015

What if big brother isn’t watching you? Even in an age of post-privatisation of utilities we often think of “them” as being a large body somewhere responsible for keeping everything ticking o

Can You Improve Your Drinking Water With Lead Pipe Replacement?
12 . 9 . 2015

Lead poisoning doesn’t sound very twenty-first century does it? It comes from a build up of lead from repeated exposures to small quantities and the symptoms involve fatigue, headaches and abdomi

Water Mains Replacement – What Pressure?
7 . 9 . 2015

You get used to the water pressure in your home and what to expect from it. It’s something you normally take for granted. However, water pressure can vary and some of the reasons for this will be

Are You Responsible for Your Water Mains Replacement?
23 . 7 . 2015

Things go wrong, or things simply need replacing. It’s a fact of life, and it can be inconvenient. There are a number of reasons why you might need a water mains replacement pipe, and it’s impo

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