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Your Affordable Solution
To Poor Water Supply

Your Affordable Solution
To Poor Water Supply

Your Affordable Solution
To Poor Water Supply


Welcome to Pipeline Services, we utilize the very latest technology and expertise to deliver a first-rate water mains replacement service to a wide range of commercial and residential clients covering the Stockport area and nationwide. Our company provides specialist repair solutions and is at the forefront of technology for water pipe replacement, from the largest diameter pipes to those domestic supplies that serve your home. We can adapt to the needs of our customers, whether you require an individual solution or you are seeking full project management.

The standards we set are exceptionally high and the quality of service we provide is second to none. Our motivated team have worked hard to build an impeccable reputation and this is reflected in our ISO registration. We are confident you will be satisfied with the service you receive and the competitive prices we charge. We are proud to deliver fast and efficient assistance 24 hours a day and consistently endeavour to accommodate emergency situations.

As a Water Industry Approved Contractor, Pipeline Services is frequently the preferred choice for lead pipe replacement as well as for diversions and connections.


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